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Ephemia Nicolakis


I have always been interested in sustainability, but it was not until my junior year of high school when I took Marine Biology that I was truly entranced by the topic. Through many field trips and educational videos, I learned about the harm we are casting on the environment every day through our simple actions -- actions that can be easily changed. Through the process creating EcoOrthodox I had the environment in the forefront of my mind while also realizing that every resource had to be applicable and easily used by people and communities. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about this hot topic and wanting to help out!


Special thanks

This project couldn't have been completed without the help of so many individuals!

Fr. Peter Orfanakos - Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church Parish Priest

Lea Loussides - Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church Secretary

Fr. Chris Flesoras - St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church

Patric Marchitto - Photography

Lenore Martinelli - Project Mentor

Spyridoula Fotinis

Niki Pappas

Gabriella Doucas

Steve Christoforou

Steven Yates - Project Advisor

Andrianna Papadimitriou - Telos

Jenny Mosher - Telos

Ann Bezzeridis - Telos

Daryl Richard

John Morgan

Stacey Ference - Contributor

Jared Beltz - Logo Design

George Hathaway - Article

Clio Nicolakis

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