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At parishes around the nation, there are festivals occurring year-round. At these festivals, a crushing amount of plastic, styrofoam, and more harmful products are being used. Believe it or not, these are some scary facts from one parish we surveyed.


Over 33,000 plastic utensils

Over 10,000 plastic bags

Over 7,500 plastic cups

Over 21,375 styrofoam bowls, plates, and takeout containers

...and that's only at ONE parish. View the resources below to see how we can reverse these trends.


Wait...there are more than 3 R's? I thought it was only reduce, reuse, and recycle! Click here to learn more.


Source:Road Runner 


Styrofoam is a hidden harm to not only the environment but individual health. It is important to skip the styrofoam and value personal health over cheap product prices. Click here to learn more.


Source: David Gilford, Flickr


Single-use plastics are a major issue. Almost every single piece of plastic ever created still exists on earth in some form today. Plastic is most harmful to marine life, and in most cases finds its way back into our bodies. Click here to learn more.

Source: National Geographic


If we have extra land - why don't we use it? There are tons of ways to use our God-given resources to help our community become more sustainable. Click here to learn more.


Source: Fr. Chris Flesoras


We live in a constantly changing digital era. Now more than ever, it is imperative to have a virtual basis for any programming and events that are being held. Not only does going digital adapt to the modern curve, but it also helps save tons of unnecessary print waste. Click here to learn more.


Source: PIckPik

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