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grow your own

Land-permitting, your opportunities are endless. By using your land for resources, you can not only help your community but bring it closer together as they work together to make it great. Here are some examples from Saint Anna’s Greek Orthodox Church in Roseville, CA.

The best way to implement an initiative such as this would be to create a gardening committee or community garden within your parish. Doing this would not only allow for the community to take part but also allow parishioners to give their time and talents. If your parish does not have a lot of land, consider encouraging parishioners to begin their own at home or grow smaller plants indoors.

Read more about this parish's eco-centered efforts here.


Vineyard for Communion wine.


Palms and bay leaves.


Pomegranates for Koliva, pussy willows for Palm Sunday, and an olive grove.


Bee hives.

Photographs provided by Fr. Chris Flesoras

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