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STOP! Take a look around your kitchen.
Do you buy bell peppers and avocados wrapped in plastic packaging? Do you use plastic cutting boards? Do you shop at the grocery store using plastic bags?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you have room for improvement! Start by exploring some of the companies below and learn about their efforts to be sustainable and how you can implement those ideas into your own home! For example, Misfits Market helps reduce food waste by selling sustainably-sourced pantry staples (in fun sizes and shapes) up to 40% off grocery store prices!

Do you wrap your food in plastic wrap? Now is the time to switch to Bee Kind's beeswax wrap that can be washed and reused! Keep scrolling to learn more about similar companies.

ECO TIP: Next time you go shopping, be mindful of your waste. Try to buy food that is not packaged in single-use materials, bring your own shopping bags, and don't buy things that you can get at your own home, such as bottled water.  

Misfits Market

Shop organic produce and sustainably sourced pantry staples delivered to you up to 40% off grocery store prices!

Bee Kind

Reusable, washable, biodegradable beeswax wraps that can be used to replace plastic wrap or bags. They also sell produce bags to reuse in grocery stores, vegetable brushes, and soaps. Based in British Columbia.

If You Care

Baking, cooking, household, wraps, and pans with sustainability in mind.


Expandable, safe, affordable, reusable drinking cups and water bottles


Sustainably packaged dishsoap, hand soap, cleaning supplies


Green products for your kitchen


Silicone, reusable snack and food bags to replace plastic Ziploc® bags.

Water Pitchers

Drop the single-use plastic bottles in your home or parish by replacing them with reusable water pitchers!

Nano Towels

Reduce paper towel use with reusable, washable, easy Nano Towels to clean!

Package Free

Produce bags and other sustainable & plastic-free items for shopping convenience & your kitchen

Full Circle Home

Sustainable kitchen products.

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