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Pass on the plastics

The most commonly-used plastics and how to replace them.

While many alternative products may seem out of budget, there are other options! Our pre-survey received response taht more than 82% of parishioners would be at least be likely to pay a "Green Fee" ranging from 50 cents to $1 at festivals or services to support paying for sustainable products for the parish.


Replace With: Paper bags, have people bring their own reusable bags, sell reusable bags promoting your business/parish, or re-use boxes from products that are being delivered - customers can use them to carry their products in (places such as BJ’s, Costco, etc. often do this), biodegradable bags. Can be found almost anywhere.


Ello Products

Reusable food bags: perfect for lunch, snacks, etc.


Paper bags, many sizes

Bring Your Own Bag Campaign

Campaign to reduce overall plastic bag usage

Good Start Packaging

Compostable biodegradable bags


Compostable mailers, great for use when sending items out from parish.


If you are providing plastic cups at events, the simple fix is to STOP and replace! Replace With: Paper cups (no plastic lids!) that can be easily disposed of or even glass/metal cups that can be washed and reused over and over again. 

Webstaurant Store

Eco-friendly paper cold cups

Webstaurant Store

Compostable hot cups

Green Paper Products

CORN biodegradable disposable cups


Plastic straws have gained increasing global attention in recent years. Large companies such as Starbucks have even rolled out plans to discontinue their use of straws due to their negative impact on marine life.

Replace With: Paper straws, bamboo straws, metal straws, no straw! Can be found almost anywhere. 

The EcoWarrior

Reusable straws (metal, bamboo, stainless steel, glass)


Reusables draws (silicone, stainless steel, metal)


Reusable travel straw, fits on keychain!


Stainless steel, metal, silicone, and tons more!


Plastic utensils such as forks, spoons, and knives are extremely prevalent during large-capacity events. Unfortunately, this widespread use of plastics poses as a large threat to our environment.

Replace With: Bamboo utensils, plant-based biodegradable utensils, cornstarch utensils, edible utensils, reusable utensils, wooden utensils.

Green Paper Products

Biodegradable cutlery

Bio & Chic

Packaged heat-proof corn bamboo cutlery


Disposable compostable utensils


Environmentally-friendly disposable cutlery


In a COVID-19 era, it is hard to get around without a mask. Medical masks are recommended for the best protection, yet many of these are made from polypropylene, a versatile type of plastic. This causes for single-use disposable masks to be unsustainable and dangerous to animals due to their ear loops which can be mistaken for food. Luckily, it is super easy to find reusable cotton masks nowadays, but a few options are suggested below. 

For Days

100% cotton masks


Made from up-cycled bamboo activewear and made for active people!

Natural Home

Organic cotton masks, tested & filtered out 88% of

airborne particles, including viruses.


Make Your Own!

Using old shirts, fabrics, etc. in your home,

we challenge you to make your own mask!

Image by Saindur Enviro
Image by Alin Luna

Source; Unsplash

Source; Unsplash

Image by tanvi sharma
Image by Griffin Wooldridge

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Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Source; Unsplash

Source; Unsplash

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