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The 5 R's

The three “R’s” have been drilled into our brain since we were young. While it may sound simple, it is crucial to make an effort to  reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce the amount of single-use items you are consuming, reuse any goods, containers, etc that you have, and recycle whenever possible. Goods that are recycled can turn into new products and reused for other goods. Of course these main items are important to remember, but what is even more important is learning about the 5 R's -- not just 3! Follow the graphics below to gain a better understanding of how you can follow the 5 R's, whether at your parish or at home! Visit RoadRunner Smarter Recycling to further learn about the 5 R's.


















Below are some tips to follow for your parish! 


  • Recycle Across America has an incredible FREE toolkit available for use. Click here to download it and learn more on how to create a successful recycling program.

  • TerraCycle aims to take hard-to-recycle materials and plastics and turn them into new products! Also, take advantage of their Zero Waste Box™ and order one to have at your parish. Collect the accepted items in the box, then reseal and send it back to TerraCycle!


  • Educate the community on effective recycling practices!

With the mass attendance of people during events, it is imperative to make the community realize the importance of making a positive change for the good of the world. Set an example by recycling and educating those surrounding to do the same.


  • Wear Donate Recycle. Host a clothing drive with your local parish or youth group and encourage people to donate rather than trash their old clothing!


Source: RoadRunner

Source: Pinterest

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