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Porto rafti,  Greece

Vacationing in Greece won't be beautiful much longer.

Video: Rafaela Georgoulea

see how you can help

1. educate

EcoOrthodox: Where Orthodoxy meets sustainability.

EcoOrthodox, a Girl Scout Gold Award project, was created to bring light to the harm (single use plastics, ocean pollution, global warming) being cast onto one of God's many creations - Earth. EcoOrthodox is a sustainability guide that contains steps that houses of worship can follow and easily implement to transform their communities from harmful to healthy. While EcoOrthodox is geared towards Orthodox Churches, this plan can be implemented within any home or organization across the globe.

Through a pre-survey I conducted within my community, three things were clear. People want to learn more, they want to help, and they are willing to change their habits to be more sustainable. According to the survey, the largest barrier from completing these actions is the fact that many communities and individuals don't know the resources available to them. That is why I created EcoOrthodox. EcoOrthodox contains suggestions, recommendations, and tips on implementing sustainable habits.

Simple Steps for Success:

1. Understand the problem. Why is this important? What is actually happening to our Earth that God created? Read a brief educational intro here.

2. For each plastic item left in your parish or home, look at it and say "this is the last plastic ______ I will ever buy." Once you run out of that item, start to purchase that product sustainably with the environment and wellbeing of our future at the forefront of your mind! Do this by visiting the Switch to Sustainable Guide in the menu to learn more and find products that can easily and ethically replace popularly-used items throughout your parish and home.

3. Add Google's "made without plastic finder" to your Chrome web browser. That way you have NO excuse as to why you cannot find plastic-free alternatives for your parish or home!

4. Follow the 5 R's to live sustainably. 

2. congregate

Once you have educated yourself a bit on the topic, come together* with friends, family, and more to share this resource with your friends, family, parish priest, etc. The overabundance of single-use items and other harmful products will not be solved unless we can make an impact on a larger scale. You can start off by clicking the Facebook Share button below to share these resources with your family and friends and inspire them to spread it further.

In the process of creating EcoOrthodox, an evironment-focused group has been meeting to focus on expanding greening efforts within parishes and through the youth at our parishes across the nation.

*Always ensure you are following COVID-19 protocol for in-person gatherings

3. Implement

Implementation is the most important part of the process. Once you have learned about the resources available to you, hold yourself and your parish accountable and attempt to make the switch to sustainable for every aspect possible. 

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